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Lullaby Lola Baby Sleep Consultant

Successful Sleep Routines Guide

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Newborn (6 weeks) to 3-year-old 

This is the guide for you! 

Includes each age-appropriate routine and even covers both short-long & medium-medium routines for each age, so that your able to adapt your day as needed.

Awake windows and recommended day/night sleep for each age also in the guide.

Settling methods also included to help get the best results from your little one/s. Recommended settling methods from 4+ months old to 3 years.

We also offer gift cards and gift certificates for sleep guides and consultations which are the best baby shower gift, mothers day gift, or surprise for a new mum who is experiencing sleep challenges. Can be used for in home, online or email consultations

Looking for a gift?

The perfect baby shower gift might seem like some nipple balm or a nappy cake... But deep down, we know it's a few hours of interrupted sleep which is why I've created gift cards that are the perfect gift for a new mama-to-be.